Vietnamese Magic Mushroom


Vietnamese Psilocybe Cubensis Mushrooms are native to the Vietnamese rice patties as they need a humid environment to grow. They grow with a yellow fleshy stem and has large cuos up to 5-6 cm in size. They are quite powerful and grow very easily in nature.

All great things in life come in pairs, right? Knife and fork. Cheese and crackers. Fish and chips. Key and Peele. Lilo and Stitch. Mushrooms and Vietnam. Sometimes two things come together and come together beautifully. This was the case with my mushroom-picking experience in Vietnam. Despite what people may tell you about all the negative stories about psychedelics abroad, my experience was thankfully overwhelming. Was I just part of the lucky few? Who knows. Today I will talk to you about the beautiful world of mushrooms, the beautiful country of Vietnam and my beautiful experience of mushroom picking in Vietnam. If you’re a fan of psychedelics then you’ll love this story, if not it might just change your mind. Let’s dive into it.


Oz(28g), Qp(113g), Hp(226g), Lb(453g)

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